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High Water Content vs Low Water Content

High Water Content vs Low Water Content

What's Water Content?

Water content of a contact lens means how much of the contact lens is made up of water. The figure us always given as a percentage.

How can I find our the water content of my contact lenses?

You will be able to find the water content percentage on the packaging of your contact lens.

Does the water content percentage affect the comfort level of my lens?

Higher water content generally means a thicker lens, which can be often felt in our eyes. Nowadays, mid-water lenses, which are thinner are more widely accepted, offer a greater level of comfort for contact lens users.

Is higher water content in contact lenses better for dry eyes?

High water content lenses ARE NOT the best for dry eyes, contact lens users who have dry eyes syndrome will find out contact lenses with lower water content are more comfortable to wear.
The moisture in high water contact lenses could draw out eye's tears, which lead to dehydration and discomfort. 
High water content are usually found in short term disposable lens, as it does not require frequent maintenance (example: daily disposable).

What's the best water content for dry eyes users?

We would recommend low water content - mid water content for dry eyes users (38%-48%). High water content contact lens that contain more than 50% water should be avoided.

However, if you tend to have serious dry and sensitive eyes, the main factor you should consider about is MATERIAL of the contact lens. 

Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens are popular among those with more sensitive eyes and dry eyes as they allow more oxygen permeability to pass through the lens. They have higher oxygen transmission to allow eyes stay fresh and healthy throughout the day.

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